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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Falklands again

In Monday's Times one Martin Cross argues that Britain now lacks the "financial capacity, manpower and equipment to defend the Falklands".

This is only so if Britain is again naive enough not to anticipate an Argentine invasion. Otherwise the British hunter-killer nuclear submarine fleet would be eminently able to exclude completely any seaborne invasion attempt, and it is more than doubtful whether the Argentine air force has the capacity to mount and sustain an air invasion.

Even if it does, since the cause of the strain on Britain's forces has been the very serious commitment to US-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, on the basis of the much-discussed "special relationship", I wondered if there would be a chance of the US lending us the assistance of one of its eleven carrier battle groups.

On 25 February the US gave the answer: No.

The "special relationship" remains as special as ever.

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