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- Adam Wagner, UK Human Rights Blog

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Change of name

For the second time I feel compelled to change the name of the blog.  The first time came about because the original name no longer reflected what the blog was about.  This time the change is required because Halsbury's Law Exchange, with which I am involved professionally, has decided to revamp itself and call its blog "The Legal Soapbox".  Rather than complain I will defer to the site in which I have a professional rather than personal interest.  Besides, there was already a blog by the name of Legal Soapbox, though it closed down a couple of years ago. 

Not that any of this matters, in so far as I have never tried to advertise or otherwise attract traffic to this blog; it simply exists to record things I publish elsewhere.  That said, Mrs Crumbs and Pegs has been kind enough to provide a link, for which I am of course grateful, and I've no objection to anyone reading or commenting on any of the posts, which a few friends have done from time to time.


  1. James - I've seen your posts highlighted on the UKHR Blog, so maybe you should bring this to their attention!



  2. Thanks Alex, since the address hasn't changed then it shouldn't be a problem for any links etc.