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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Victorian extras III: Arthur Mold Bowling to AN Hornby (1901)

Just to show that not all that much is new under the sun in cricket, here is some fascinating footage of a late Victorian cricketing story.  Arthur Mold was called regularly for throwing ; the controversy was such that Edison's company arranged for him to be filmed bowling to one of the better-known players of the day, the former England captain Albert "Monkey" Hornby.

Viewers can make up their own mind, but Mold's action does not exactly seem to come from the MCC coaching book ...

Mind you, the same could be said for some modern bowlers, including one against whom no accusation of chucking has been made:

It is also hard to assess Mold without much footage available of anyone else from the time.  And I suppose the point is more about straightness of the arm as opposed to whether it is perpendicular at the point of delivery.

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